July 17 2017

Tankless Water Heater Service

Tankless Water Heater Service

Our Plumbers offer tankless water heater services in the San Antonio Tx area. As a tankless water heater is entirely self-contained, removing lime deposits requires a special procedure. We have the correct hoses, connectors, and support equipment that can get rid of lime and calcium deposits after long term use. water heater services

All water heaters are susceptible to the same problem – the buildup of calcium and other hard water compounds that are released from water during the heating process. Although we may not want to admit we have the problem with our water you need only look to those unsightly white deposits that accumulate in showers, on faucets and on your cookware. These compounds, typically a form a calcium carbonate, are dissolved in potable water and are invisible, while other compounds are held in suspension and may not be visible to the naked eye. When water evaporates the dissolved and suspended solid compounds remain and this is what leads to buildup in our showers and deposits on our fixtures.

Whether your water comes from a tap or from well-filtered well water the problem remains. The only process that effectively removes these compounds is tankless water heater services. Hard water in most homes is addressed by using water-softening devices that use salt to remove the calcium or magnesium ion from the water. When this ion is replaced with a sodium ion the water becomes “soft” and less susceptible to causing buildup in pipes and on fixtures. Despite using a water softener or water filtration.

When potable water is flash heated by your tankless water heater these compounds are released from the water and these solid compounds make their way into your home’s plumbing system, or remain in the tankless heat exchanger. Overtime these deposits accumulate in the plumbing system of your home and inside your tankless heater heat exchanger. As these solids continue to build up they coat the interior of the heat exchanger (or the immersion electric heating elements in the case of an electric tankless heater) and over time the thickness of the material acts as a blanket that actually inhibits the efficient transfer of heat. As a result your tankless water heater becomes increasingly inefficient and costly to operate. In severe cases, tankless heaters that have flow-restricted compounds may become entirely clogged resulting in reduced and then blocked water flow within the heater.water heater repair

While water softeners reduce this hard water build up they have their own drawbacks. Water softeners typically use salt and the softening process adds sodium ions to water. The sodium in the water typically causes premature rusting and corrosion of tank and tankless water heaters. So what should a homeowner do? Call us today for a free quote about how we can maintain your tankless water heater service needs.

Tankless water heaters are the way to go when you want hot water that never stops. We have every major brand for every residential or commercial need.

Unlike tank water heaters that use energy 24/7 too keep water hot, tankless water heaters only used energy when needed saving you money.

Have a lot of people in your home who all need hot water at the same time? Never worry about running out of hot water. Tankless water heaters keep the hot.

The best solution for commercial hot water needs is the tankless water heater that keeps your residents happy. Easy to manage, easy to install.

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