July 17 2017

Tankless Water Heater Service

Tankless Water Heater Service

Our Plumbers offer tankless water heater services in the San Antonio Tx area. As a tankless water heater is entirely self-contained, removing lime deposits requires a special procedure. We have the correct hoses, connectors, and support equipment that can get rid of lime and calcium deposits after long term use.water heater services

All water heaters are susceptible to the same problem – the buildup of calcium and other hard water compounds that are released from water during the heating process. Although we may not want to admit we have the problem with our water you need only look to those unsightly white deposits that accumulate in showers, on faucets and on your cookware. These compounds, typically a form a calcium carbonate, are dissolved in potable water and are invisible, while other compounds are held in suspension and may not be visible to the naked eye. When water evaporates the dissolved and suspended solid compounds remain and this is what leads to buildup in our showers and deposits on our fixtures.

Whether your water comes from a tap or from well filtered well water the problem remains. The only process that effectively removes these compounds is tankless water heater services. Hard water in most homes is addressed by using water softening devices that use salt to remove the calcium or magnesium ion from the water. When this ion is replaced with a sodium ion the water becomes “soft” and less susceptible to causing buildup in pipes and on fixtures. Despite using a water softener or water filtration.

When potable water is flash heated by your tankless water heater these compounds are released from the water and these solid compounds make their way into your homes plumbing system, or remain in the tankless heat exchanger. Overtime these deposits accumulate in the plumbing system of your home and inside your tankless heaters heat exchanger. As these solids continue to build up they coat the interior of the heat exchanger (or the immersion electric heating elements in the case of an electric tankless heater) and over time the thickness of the material acts as a blanket that actually inhibits the efficient transfer of heat. As a result your tankless water heater becomes increasingly inefficient and costly to operate. In severe cases, tankless heaters that have flow restricted compounds may become entirely clogged resulting in reduced and then blocked water flow within the heater.water heater repair

While water softeners reduce this hard water build up they have their own drawbacks. Water softeners typically use salt and the softening process adds sodium ions to water. The sodium in the water typically causes premature rusting and corrosion of tank and tankless water heaters. So what should a homeowner do? Call us today for a free quote about how we can maintain your tankless water heater service needs.

When you want hot water that never stops, tankless water heaters are the way to go. We have every major brand for every residential or commercial need.

Unlike tank water heaters that use energy 24/7 too keep water hot, tankless water heaters only used energy when needed saving you money.

Have a lot of people in your home who all need hot water at the same time? Never worry about running out of hot water. Tankless water heaters keep the hot.

The best solution for commercial hot water needs is the tankless water heater that keeps your residents happy. Easy to manage, easy to install.

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January 19 2017

Ferreting out Termites with Dogs

Canine Scent Detection

Canines have long been known to have terrific noses that could be trained to sniff trails, prey, missing persons, and even cancer in a human body. Now there are termite-sniffing dogs available that can be trained to track any sent of methane, which is the gas that is produced by termites.Termite Eradication

Some of the best dogs that can be used for this type of work include beagles and hounds, but there are many other breeds that are being trained for scent work. There are many types of methane smells, but these dogs can sniff the exact concentration levels that indicate that there is termite infestation. They can also track other destructive pests like carpenter ants.

These great scent chasers are able to use their well-suited noses to track down the specific scent and they will alert their handler when they find a hot spot around or in a house. By using these clever canines to augment home inspections that are done by trained termite exterminators, a home can be guaranteed that there are no termites within sniffing distance of their residence.

Most termite inspectors look for insect involvement in the most common areas such as around the foundation or interior walls. These fuzzy termite vigilantes can go inside the home, up in the attics, through the basement and under and around the homes.

If these termite sniffers alert to a problem, you can bet that something is there. Many times, they have alerted and it has taken hours or days for humans to uncover the termites that the dogs had ratted out. There have apparently been a few false hits by some of the dogs according to studies.

One must wonder if these were truly false hits by these incredible pooches, or if their human counterparts simply could not uncover what the dogs’ noses had discovered. It seems almost like a case of sour grapes, but then it must pinch a bit to be shown up and outclassed by a 4-legged canine with soulful eyes and floppy ears.

Even entomologists are impressed with the work of these animals because they only hit on living termites, not the leftover termite damage. There is no other person or technology that can make such minute discrimination.

Dogs also eliminate the need to tent and exterminate an entire house. These animals are so well trained and do their job so well, that they find the exact spot that has termite infestation and then the pest exterminators can use localized baits or sprays to kill the termites without having to over treat large areas of the home and property.

By integrating these canine wonders into a routine pest inspection, homeowners can be assured that their home has been cleared of any threat from termites. This double-edged check will actually produce quicker and more efficient inspections. Dogs are meant only to complement the inspections that are done by the experts and to provide worried homeowners with additional safety nets and peace of mind about the structural safety and integrity of their residence.

By itself, or as part of a comprehensive Termite Protection Program, a termite canine can help provide the peace of mind you want, need and deserve.

Call our locally owned Texas based pest control and termite office today, or visit our site @ Jenkins Pest and Lawn Solutions

Do It Yourself Termite Control

There are many non-chemical, environmentally friendly ways to help prevent termites from infesting our homes. These methods are more focused on preventive measures than dealing with termites by eradicating them with pesticides, which can be quite harsh on the environment in some ways or the other. These methods can also be used outdoors as well as indoors to avoid colonies from growing and invading your home. These methods aim to protect our health, environment and also help us cut down costs in termite control and prevention.

Your Options

You can first apply termite control in your backyard as termites prefer humid and warm areas; they tend to live in backyards to breed. But this may not be applicable for all, as some areas have colder climates. Securing a termite free outdoor environment, you can use termite resistant woods for decks, sheds and the like. Another option is to treat concrete and stone foundations with water resistant sealers to prevent termites from infesting your backyard. Another option is to use orange oil which is derived from orange peels and serves as a natural non-toxic termite killer that has been proven to prevent termite infestation.Termite Inspections

Pay Attention

As a part of a do it yourself termite control method, you should learn to keep a watchful eye on your yard or other areas of the house. You shouldn’t have any heaps of compost, wood stacks, and leaf piles anywhere your home. As termites survive in warm and moist areas in order to get food, any size of flower beds planted anywhere near a building or house structure is a risk for termite infestation. This is why flower beds should be structured a few feet away from the house to make a space that will then acts a barrier from termites.

Where to Look

Other areas prone to termite infestation are basements, attics, kitchens, and even bathrooms that tend to become humid and moist, making them a suitable termite breeding ground. Even stored paperwork, documents, books, and even old carpets are food sources for termites, so you should watch out for these when stored away in attics and basements.

Remember that termites are experts in making earth tunnels, allowing them to enter your home in many areas. As these do it yourself methods are mainly for prevention, it is another matter when there is already an infestation. At this point you may resolve to using toxic substances to completely kill termites. Other ways to eradicate termites are by using termite baits that can slowly but surely kill a colony of termites as the chemicals are distributed throughout the colony. Liquid termite treatments also used, are sprayed around the house to effectively repel termites. Also borate termite treatments are supplied directly to the woodwork of the home. Another method involved is fumigation.

It is up to you to decide on what methods to use when it comes to termite prevention and control depending on cost and effectiveness.
For More Information about Termite Treatments and Control visit us @ Jenkins Pest and Lawn

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January 18 2017

Furnace Repair & Maintenance Service

Furnace Repair & Maintenance Service

If you are experiencing watery eyes, headaches, stuffy or runny nose or sneezing, it could be your furnace leaking carbon monoxide through hairline cracks in your heat exchanger. Call today for our $99 video inspection of your furnace. When you hire us, you can save money using some of the coupons and specials that we offer.
HVAC Special - Furnace Inspection

Your furnace is climate control system that allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home even when it’s in the negatives outside. Like all mechanical systems, your furnace can eventually be run down form use, and if left unchecked can break down leaving you to face the harsh weather on your own. If you’re looking to service, repair or install a furnace in your home, call Complete Heating and Air please visit us @ https://trophy-ac.com/san-antonio-air-conditioning-service/

Whether we service your system or install an entirely new unit, you can trust us to get any job done. See what your neighbors in the Brea, CA area have been saying about us here.What are some common furnace problems?

Furnaces can experience a couple of issues that tend to happen often. Our customers who experienced these issues tend to not invest in regular maintenance, and can end up paying extra for costly repairs. Keep an eye out for these signs:Lack of heat: This could mean that the efficiency of the unit has gone down. Whether due to age or other underlying problem, our technician will be able to get to the bottom of it.Dirty filters: Dirty filters can actually damage the unit more than you might expect. Having a filter that’s dirty will inhibit the units ability to push out air, making it work much harder.High utility bill: A high utility bill will mean that the unit is working a lot harder than usual. If you’re not setting it to work harder, and you’re still seeing this effect, it could be due to an efficiency malfunction with the unit.

Knowing when to replace your unit is key to saving you money on costly, and far too frequent, repairs. If you think your furnace is dying, here are two clear signals that it is.First: If our HVAC technician is becoming your best friend, you’re seeing him too often and you have other friends that are much cheaper.Second: Your heating bills. If they’ve spiked in the last two years, its probably because of horrible furnace efficiency. These 2 factors are a bad combination.What are the benefits of timely repairs and maintenance?

For a well functioning unit, we strongly recommend a full inspection and tune-up in October or November before your unit is heavily used. Along with other system items, our qualified technicians will perform any necessary lubrication, assess cycling and controls, inspect electrical wiring for corrosion, inspect the blower and burners, and check for deadly carbon monoxide.

They will also give the system a complete cleaning, assuring that dirt and debris buildup are removed, reducing friction and maximizing the efficiency of the furnace. You’ll benefit from annual tune-ups, saving money with improved efficiency while extending the life of your furnace and avoiding costly repairs.

Investing in this regular maintenance will keep your unit running at it’s best efficiency for as long as possible. Extend the lifespan of your unit and you’ll be able to rely on your furnace during even the harshest winters.How can you avoid problems in the future?

Maintenance will always be the best way to avoid any problems from ever happening. Keeping a close on your unit will let you know when problems are beginning to come up, and you can arrange the best way to tackle these issues before they ruin your system.Call us to receive service for your furnace in Town. We want you to trust us with your home comfort every time you experience an issue with your home’s HVAC system. Complete Heating and Air Services @ trophy-ac.com
Don’t to forget to contact your local experts

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