July 6 2018

T Shirt Printing – Custom T Shirt Design

T-shirt Printing in full color using a new Direct to Garment digital process for light and dark t-shirts. Fast, and economical process for printing full color on a variety of materials. Unlike screen printing we can print full color images on your t-shirt or other garments.custom t shirt printing


Below is pricing for one print location up to 120 square inches, such as a 10″ x 12″.
Larger custom T Shirt prints are available for additional pricing further down page.

NO SETUP FEES & NO PER COLOR CHARGES FOR PRINT READY IMAGES! Prices shown are for printing only, t-shirts or approved material is to be provided by you, or we may supply for a small upcharge. Please ask when ordering. For larger quantities please contact us.

NOTE: A “dark garment” is any print that requires a white ink underbase or has white ink in the design, regardless of actual garment color. A “light garment” is any garment that does not require white ink.
For light garment printing artwork that contains white will not print white and will use the color of the garment as white please plan image accordingly.

Up to 170″ sq. (12″x14″ example) Add $0.50 per print
Up to 210″ sq. (13″x16″ example) Add $1.00 per print
Up to 250″ sq. (14″x17″ example) Add $1.50 per print
Up to 300″ sq. (15″x20″ example) Add $2.00 per print
Left Chest or Side Sleeve (Second Location)
Up to a 5″x5″ Print Add $2.50 for Lights Add $4.00 for Darks

We also offer: FULL WIDTH, SLEEVE TO SLEEVE, TOP TO BOTTOM, CUSTOM LOCATIONS, OFF THE EDGE, and more. In addition to t-shirts we also print on:special custom t shirts printed

Kill Rags
Beach and Hand Towels
Full Length Pants
Tote Bags
Hoodies (and hoods!)
And More!

Important Policy Information!

Price does not include the garments. We can provide the garments at a price slightly above our best wholesale price.

Artwork must be sized to print! We prefer .PSD files , but can accept almost any file. Please email artwork at 150 dpi as quality is all that is needed to reproduce photo quality prints and fine details. Please merge all layers as one. For dark garment printing, the file must contain a transparent background. For graphic alterations, a $50 per hour art prep fee applies (half hour minimum). Minor alterations & graphic enhancements are free of charge.

Standard T-shirt orders usually are completed within 1-5 business days after receiving garments. Rush orders accepted, additional fee may apply. Our current acceptable misprint policy is 4%. Usually this is not usually an issue but is in place due to the printing process utilized. Our average number of garments misprinted during production is less than one percent.
If an exact quantity of garments is needed, please provide one or two extra per size depending on quantity. While we print on a variety of materials, we have not had the chance to test the washability or reliability of all material
types and styles. There is an inherent risk certain garments, and prints may have a higher misprint ratio than others.
This concerns mainly anything that is not a standard t-shirt and any print not in a standard location. Please contact us with any concerns you may have of our policies.

We require 50% down to start an order, and must receive payment in full prior to shipping.
We accept all major credit cards, paypal, check, money order, and or cash.
All checks and money orders must clear before we start any order.

Best method to contact us is via email
All images, text, slogans, and trademarks are property of , copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

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January 5 2018

Construction Site Burn Injury Cases

Personal Injury Lawyers : San Antonio Construction Site Burn Injury Cases

Personal Injury Lawyers : Burn Injuries – painful and sometimes lethal. Let our Attorneys help you with your construction site burn injury case.legal help

A major burn injury can be one of the most devastating injuries a person can sustain. Physical and emotional scarring continues to plague burn victims long after they sustain their burn. Every year approximately 2.4 million people suffer from burn injuries in the United States. Burns are separated into three categories based on the depth and extent of the burn.A first-degree burn injury results in skin that is red and sensitive. First-degree burns are cause injury to the outermost layer of skin known as the epidermis.A second-degree burn injury results damage to both the outer layer and the underlying layer of the skin. Second-degree burns often develop blisters and the skin takes on a splotchy red appearance.A third-degree burn is the damaging type of burn, and can result in significant damages to all layers of skin, fat and bone. While these burns are the most severe, they tend to be less painful then first and second-degree burns because the nerves in the skin have been burned. A person that suffers from a third degree burn will often suffer from additional medical problems such as smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning, shock, organ failure and death.Negligence on the construction site can lead to serious burn injuries.Skin grafts, scars, and sometimes a construction worker’s death can all be attributed to negligence of the employer or other employees.personal injury attorney

Burn injuries that occur on construction sites are often caused by someone’s negligent act or by a piece of defective equipment. Construction site burns can come from a variety of sources and do not necessarily require a person to be burned by an open flame. An employee can also sustain burn injuries from steam, chemicals, electric shocks, extremely cold liquids and gases, explosions and direct contact with hot surfaces.

Following a severe burn, some patients must undergo skin grafts, skin debridement and rehabilitation that may span several years. Some burn victims are left with scars that cover a large portion of their bodies, while other burn victims die before their wounds can heal.attorneys

The San Antonio work injury lawyers attorneys at our Law Firm have a unique perspective on the trials and tribulations that a burn injury can bring. Our San Antonio accident injury lawyers are knowledgeable with respect to the medical treatment a burn victim will receive and can assist you in recovering every penny that your deserve for your injury. If you have suffered a burn injury on a construction site, please contact our Law Firm to learn your legal rights.Practice Areas: Car AccidentsTrucking Accidents – On the Job Injuries – Wrongful Death – Construciton Accidents – Boating Accidents – Premises Liability
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The San Antonio personal injury attorneys of our Law Firm have provided the information on this site to help inform the public about the potential application of civil law to certain situations. The information contained in on this website is not intended to help an individual make important legal decisions. An individual should only make a decision related to a legal case after consulting with an experienced and licensed attorney. Do not make any legal decisions based on information found on this or any other websites. Furthermore, laws and statutes change on a regular basis and information or results mentioned on this website may be based on laws or statutes that are no longer current. Additionally, every case is slightly different and will have its own subtleties and variations, and every case is subject to subtleties imparted by way of nuances imposed by the jurisdiction in which the case takes place and other outside factors such as preexisting agreements including binding arbitration,waivers, insurance coverage stipulations and policy terms, etc.
Attorney at law

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